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We specialize in repair and restoration of antique and vintage lamps, chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, chandelier shades, sconces, stained glass lamps, oil lamps, lamp shades and floor lamps.  We have lamps and chandeliers from the 1900’s, and all eras including 1920’s crystal chandeliers, chandeliers from 1930, war time lamps and lighting of the 1940’s, 1950s crystal chandeliers and art deco and fun chandeliers of the 1960’s era.  You will also find vintage lighting, lamps and furniture of the 1970’s.

We offer lamp and light repair of modern or contemporary lighting and carry or can order many unique or hard to find lamp parts.

We travel every week finding new lamps and treasures for our clients so our inventory is constantly changing. We also provide lighting appraisal and consignment.

Old fixtures see the light

Thomas Allie has been buying, repairing and selling light fixtures at The Lighting Palace for three years, first in Old Folsom and now at the 57th Street Antique Row in east Sacramento.

“People bring you lamps, and their dog has chewed the cord, and they don’t know how to rewire the lamp themselves, and they don’t want to get electrocuted,” Allie said. “We rewire and repair lamps. It’s a little bit of a lost art form.”

Allie told me that he acquired his repair and business skills during the 19 years he worked at Lamps Plus. He opened The Lighting Palace with 400 square feet and expanded into 2,000 square feet a year ago.

He takes some fixtures on consignment, but he buys most of them at flea markets and antique shows. His store, Suite G at 855 57th St., is packed with chandeliers, floor lamps and more.


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