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Lamp Repair Sacramento

We specialize in lamp repair and restoration of antique and vintage lamps, chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, chandelier shades, sconces, stained glass lamps, oil lamps, lamp shades and floor lamps.  Our lamp repair shop in located in the antique district of Sacramento.

We offer lamp and lighting repair and restoration services which include:

  • Replacement of crystals, globes and shades
  • Re-wiring with new switches, sockets and Transformers
  • Cleaning

Call before coming to shop – limited hours:
Thursday – Saturday 11 – 4
Closed Sunday – Wednesday

We offer lamp and light repair of modern or contemporary lighting and carry many unique or hard to find lamp parts. If your lamp repair requires a part that we don’t carry in stock we can order from one of our many lamp repair parts suppliers.

Delivery is available in the Sacramento region.  Contact us to discuss our affordable shipping options.

At the Lighting Palace we are Passionate about Antique Lighting

We specialize in the repair and restoration of antique and vintage lamps, chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, sconces, stained glass lamps, oil lamps, and floor lamps.  We have lamps and chandeliers from the 1900’s, and all eras including 1920’s crystal chandeliers, chandeliers from 1930, wartime lamps and lighting of the 1940’s, 1950s crystal chandeliers, and art deco and fun chandeliers of the 1960’s era.  You will also find vintage lighting, lamps, and furniture from the 1970’s.

We offer lamp and light repair of modern or contemporary lighting and carry or can order many unique or hard-to-find lamp parts.

Your electrician will smile because all antique items include mounting hardware, are re-wired and ready for immediate installation.

  • 27 years of experience.
  • We are Licensed and bonded.
  • Lifetime Repair Warranty.

Why It’s Important to Repair Contemporary and Vintage Lamps Instead of Throwing Them Away

Have you ever looked at an old lamp and thought “This could light up my room in more ways than one”? In our fast-paced, throwaway culture, it’s easy to overlook the value of repairing items like contemporary and vintage lamps. But why is it so important to fix these charming illuminators instead of tossing them out? Let’s shed some light on this topic.

The Environmental Impact of Discarding Lamps

Every lamp we throw away ends up in a landfill, adding to the ever-growing environmental problem. Repairing lamps, on the other hand, is a small but significant step towards reducing waste. It’s not just about being eco-friendly; it’s about making a conscious choice to protect our planet.

Historical and Aesthetic Value of Vintage Lamps

Vintage lamps are not just lighting devices; they are pieces of history. By repairing them, we preserve a part of the past that can continue to enchant future generations. Their unique designs and stories add an irreplaceable charm to any space.

Economic Benefits of Repairing Lamps 

Believe it or not, repairing a lamp can be more cost-effective than buying a new one. It’s not just about saving money; it’s about valuing what we already have. Plus, well-maintained lamps can last for decades, offering long-term savings.

The Joy of DIY Lamp Repair 

There’s something incredibly satisfying about fixing things with your own hands. Repairing lamps can be a fun DIY project that not only teaches you new skills but also gives you a sense of accomplishment. And who doesn’t love that?

Supporting Local Businesses 

When you choose to repair a lamp, you often support local artisans and small businesses. This not only helps the local economy but also fosters a sense of community. It’s a win-win situation!

Customization and Personalization

 Repairing lamps allows you to add a personal touch. Whether it’s a contemporary piece or a vintage find, you can customize it to fit your style. This personalization makes your lamp not just a light source, but a reflection of your personality.

Safety Considerations in Lamp Repair

 Safety should always be a priority when repairing lamps. While many repairs can be done at home, some might require professional help. Knowing when to call in the experts is key to ensuring your lamp is both beautiful and safe.

The Role of Technology in Lamp Repair 

With modern tools and online resources, lamp repair has become more accessible than ever. Technology has opened up a world of possibilities, making it easier for anyone to undertake a repair project.

Sustainability and Responsible Consumption

Repairing lamps is a step towards sustainable living. By choosing to repair, we reduce our carbon footprint and embrace more mindful consumption habits. It’s about being responsible consumers who care for the environment.

The Psychological Impact of Repairing

There’s a psychological aspect to repairing items like lamps. It creates a deeper connection to our belongings and provides a sense of achievement. This emotional bond can be surprisingly fulfilling.

Challenges in Lamp Repair

Repairing lamps is not without its challenges. From finding the right parts to mastering the skills, there are hurdles to overcome. But with patience and perseverance, these challenges can be turned into rewarding experiences.

Future Trends in Lamp Repair

The lamp repair movement is growing, with new techniques and innovations emerging. This trend reflects a broader shift towards sustainability and the appreciation of craftsmanship.

Successful Lamp Repairs

Repairing contemporary and vintage lamps is more than just a practical choice; it’s a statement about our values and our commitment to a more sustainable world. So, the next time you’re about to discard that old lamp, think again. Could it light up your life in a new way?


Can vintage or antique lamps be repaired or restored?

Yes, vintage and antique lamps can often be repaired or restored. This can include rewiring, fixing or replacing damaged parts, and sometimes restoring finishes. The key is to maintain their historical integrity while ensuring they are safe to use.

How do I know if a lamp is worth repairing?

Consider its sentimental value, historical significance, and whether its style fits your decor. If it ticks any of these boxes, it’s likely worth repairing.

Are replacement parts available for older or discontinued lamp models?

Yes, replacement parts can often be found through specialty lamp repair shops, online retailers, or manufacturers. For very old or rare lamps, parts might need to be custom-made or adapted from similar parts.

How can I identify the make and model of my lamp for repairs?

Check for any manufacturer’s marks, labels, or stamps, often found on the base, inside the lampshade, or near the socket. If there are no visible markings, research online or consult with a lamp repair expert.

What are the costs involved in lamp repair?

Costs vary widely based on the extent of the repair, the type of lamp, and the replacement parts needed. Simple repairs like rewiring can be relatively inexpensive, while full restorations of antique lamps can be more costly.

How do I determine the value of an antique or vintage lamp?

The value is determined by factors like age, rarity, condition, maker, and historical significance. Consulting with an antique expert or appraiser, and researching similar lamps sold at auctions or antique shops, can provide an estimate.


Can repairing a lamp really save money?

Yes, repairing a lamp often costs less than buying a new one, especially when it comes to high-quality or vintage pieces.

Are there environmental benefits to repairing lamps?

Absolutely! Repairing lamps reduces waste and helps in conserving resources, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

Can contemporary lamps be repaired, or should they be replaced?

Many contemporary lamps can be repaired, especially if they are of high quality or have sentimental value. Simple issues like a broken switch or a burnt-out bulb are easily fixable.

Can I upgrade the lighting technology in antique lamps, such as using LED bulbs?

Yes, many antique lamps can be upgraded to use LED bulbs. Ensure the bulb’s base matches the lamp’s socket and that the lamp is rewired if necessary for compatibility and safety.

What are the electrical requirements for antique lamps?

Antique lamps may require rewiring to meet current electrical standards. This usually involves updating the wiring, socket, and plug to ensure they are safe for use with modern electrical systems.

Can I fix or replace a broken lamp switch myself?

Yes, if you have basic DIY skills. Turn off the power, remove the old switch, and replace it with a new one, ensuring all connections are secure.

Is it difficult to learn lamp repair?

Lamp repair can vary in difficulty, but with the right resources and a bit of patience, anyone can learn the basics.

Where can I learn more about DIY lamp repair?

There are many online resources, including tutorials, forums, and videos, that can guide you through the process of DIY lamp repair.

How should I clean and maintain my lamps?

Dust regularly with a soft cloth. For deeper cleaning, use a mild cleaner appropriate for the lamp’s material, but avoid harsh chemicals. 

Lamp repair and lighting repair is available in our lamp repair store in Sacramento CA. Many prefer us over Lamps Plus, Lofings Lighting, Arezzo Lighting and Design, Lumens Lumens Light + Living because we are much less expensive, offer same day service on most repairs and have very personal customer service. If you need a lamp repair, instead of going to Lamps plus, Lofings, Arezzo or Lumens, check us out instead.